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Recommendation, Highlight Pro-n-Con & Scenario Planning. 


There is no PERFECT mortgage package. We always recommend you a few packages and show you some scenarios for you to make a wiser decision.

We not only compare the interest rate for you. We compare the mortgage package based on flexibility, cost, subsidy, loan tenure, valuation etc.


For example, if you are purchasing a property and you need maximum loan quantum. However, only one bank able to match the asking price. This bank may not offer the cheapest interest rate, however, the bank offers you the largest loan quantum.

In such scenario, you may need to compromise on the interest rate and get the largest loan quantum.


Reducing hassle in submission.


We work as your assistant in documentation and submission. All your documents and information will be handled with absolute P&C.


In certain circumstances, we request banks to waive some less important documents.  


It will largely reduce your hassle in application submission. 


Follow up with banker. 


We work with experiensed banker only. This is to reduce human error in the whole application and enhance the speed for approval. 


We also monitor banker work loads. Each individual has his own limit in handling number of cases. By appointing the right banker to assist your application is also a key factor to expedite your case.

It's FREE.

Scenario Planning & Application.

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