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Mx - Mortgage eXpert. 

R - Residential

I - Industrial 

C - commercial 

H- HDB Flat 

Is MxRICH another COMPARISON website?

No. MxRICH doesn't provide a direct comparison of mortgage package without identifying your real objective, understanding your situation and the subject property. 

Through years of experience, we understand that, the cheapest rate may be suitable for one, but not suitable for another.

A non-pro comparison may lead borrower to a wrong decision or wasting time in multiple application. Subsequently, the borrower may need to pay more.  


(WE)xperience + Banks + Regulation.   

To direct our client to the optimum choice, it is a combination result of our experience, network with banks and well understanding the latest regulations.


We are actively in the market (gone through the cooling measurement period), reach out with different profiles of people, and handling complicated cases. This built-up our experience and ability of delivery to you. 

MxRICH works closely with most of the consumer, SME & corporate bankings in Singapore.


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