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When I will receive the equity cash out money?


Normally, the money will be banked into your desinated account within 2 weeks time after the original mortgage switched to the new bank. 


For paid up property, normally it is faster, as there is no need to serve 3 months notice. 


For property with outstanding mortgage, the shortest time line is about 3.5 months from the date of accepting Letter-of-Offer (LO), as the current bank always requires you to serve 3 months notice, regardless within or out of lock-in period. 


You can further shorten the notice servicing period by paying pro-rated 3 months interest to the existing bank and ask the law firm to expedite the process for you. The expected time line for this route is approximate 1~1.5months. 

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Original mortgage switchs to the new bank.

2 weeks

Accepting the LO

3 months.

Receive  equity cash out money

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