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Here are some FACTS you may not know as an applicant:

a) Condo less than 500 sqft: Some banks don't provide mortgage for either new mortgage or refinancing. 


b) Geylang Area property: MOST major banks are not interested in this area. It is always depending the subject property actual location (at which Lorong and corner).


c) Commercial / Industrial Property: There are about 7~8 banks are active in the commercial mortgage business. However, industrial property always has the limited choice.


d) Smaller scale developer: Some banks don't provide smaller developer project.

e) Loan reducing Scheme: In current mortgage regulation, a lot of borrowers unable to get refinancing or re-pricing with their own banks due to failing TDSR. There are a few banks provide Loan reducing scheme for those who fail TDSR (with term & condition.). 

Through years of experience & frenquent update from different banks, let MxRICH to assist your mortgage needs. 

Most people ask -- "Which bank offer the BEST interest rate?" 


In MxRICH, we only provide you comparison of mortgage packages after we have a better understanding about the subject property & your objective. 


We believe that, a blind comparison won't help you make a good decision and save your time. 


Each bank has its own strength & limitation. It is also changed from time-to-time. Some banks offer Best rate in residential property but not for commercial property or vice-versa. 


In addition, different mortgage packages also comes with different term & condition, mostly on type of property, loan size, loan tenure, equity cash out,  etc.   


The first thing we need to find out from you is always your OBJECTIVE & the PROPERTY. 


MxRICH deveolops very own and unique FACT FINDING process, it definitely save your time & effort.




Unlike in the good "old day", with more stringent regulation in mortgage, it is important to put all the number together and evaluate the viability of achieving your objective.


We have seen many people place their booking fee without a proper purchase planning. This may end up lose the booking fee and waste time in trying different banks.


We are experienced in assisting client to do TDSR calculation, repayment planning etc.     

It's FREE.

Information Input

It's FREE.

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